Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, April 16, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Weather Has A Say

Come the angler a still upset and disturbed creek

Water, confused dirty water, much less
    than pristine

The dome overhead dark, not inviting,
   not a fresco chapel Sistine

Nary a carp to be seen,
   but the occasional  jester

Tempting the angler, salting wounds,
   left to only fester

Something taking place in nature
   this dark day

Weather speaking it's mind
   nature having her say

The sky eerie at times
    tree limbs making rhymes

Winds that make the hard gust
    then stop

Rain that would begin to pour
    then stop

Sunlight that would break through
    then stop

Birds singing in chorus
   then stop

Like God had a finger,
   on the divine switch

Squirrel scampering to the tree
   hiding in the burrow

Carp hunkered down low
   hiding in a watered furrow

How can creatures tell
   when us land-dwellers can't

Of ill and mean weather coming
   weather not of faint

The angler that come today,
   for some kind of crown

Leaves the upset water behind
   owning just a frown


Storms rolled through at four this morning.  Loud and blistering storms that added only more misery to a struggling creek. 

No chance of sight fishing carp today.  Blind fishing though is always a possibility. 

Today, however, another species would interject and disrupt the attempt at more conversations with carp. 

The Carpolo Charlie carp fly seemed to be quite favorable to this fish that seemed to own a heightened sense of possible food.



Gregg said...

Nice Barry,

I thought your poem well done indeed. And a catfish despite it all. Very deseved.


JW said...

Nice words Barry.

Jason Williams

Barry said...

Jason, good to hear from you. Hope you've been fishing as much as you can.