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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Double Talk

After the coffee was saucered and blowed, and shortly before sunrise this morning, I was standing on the shore of nearby Arbuckle Lake.  Arbuckle is 2400 acres of water supplied by three feeder streams - Rock Creek, Guy Sandy, and Buckhorn.  There are a lot of carp in Arbuckle, but neither Charlie or me have figured out a way to get to these creatures. 

Knowing the lake would be down considerably due to lack of significant rainfall, I guess I was hoping there would be a way to wade out to where the carp were congregating.  But, in front of me was a thick weave of a marsh-like bog with a very soft bottom.  Being by myself I deemed it as risky to try and wade out into the mush. 

There wasn't a boat or another soul on Arbuckle this morning.  The peace and quietness of the morning was ever so pleasurable.  However, I like to hunt for carp - not stand in one spot hoping the carp will come my way.  I leave the serenity of this place and head back to town proper.

Coming through town the thermometer at the bank read 87 degrees and the humidity had already grown thick.  Even though it was already sticky, the prairie schooner is turned into a familiar spot alongside the creek for a thirty minute outing.

With a black Curiosity with red stinger, two carp come in for the branding while fishing the skinny water.  This double gift from the god of fishing was enough to appease my hunger for talks, and the line is spooled to leave the creek.  Looking upstream as I get ready to leave I see evidence of a spawn taking place.  Lots of crashing and trashing up against the bank and backs and tails swirling in the frenzy. 


In this morning's Daily Oklahoman, Ryan Shelton writes an article about a sad situation for fish and angler alike.  At the Great Salt Plains Lake, another fish kill has taken place.  There have been a number of fish kills at Great Salt Plains, but with this latest kill (that involve many carp and drum) there is now concern as if the carp will be able to rebound.

Photo by Ryan Shelton

Drought is the culprit behind the kill and this is the second year this lake along with others have had to endure exceptional drought. 

For full story visit Ryan's article. Great Salt Plains Fish Kill. 

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Gregg said...

Good for your 30 min. try! I bet that some carp fry will survive unless it goes totally dry or a toxic algae bloom occurs. good luck on it all.