Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Talks Postponed

Same scenario as last Saturday - at work way before the rooster even thinks about crowing, leaving work and arriving at the creek at the time the rooster is crowing.  Fish long enough to catch one carp, give thanks for the opportunity of the morning, and return to work. 

I say again... one helluva life.

It's all okay though because I came to a decision before ever hitting the creek this morning.  I wanted to catch one more carp and then I will postpone my conversations with these creatures giving them a rest. 

It was quite rewarding that this last fish would be a young and fascinating looking Mirror carp. 

My decision to postpone fly fishing for carp is because of conditions.  The stream flow of this creek is barely at minimal stream flow standards.  The algae and scum is building up by the day and I'm sure the oxygen in the water is being depleted.  All this could prove quite stressful on these beasts.

Rock Creek serves as a pantry of pleasure - a pantry that feeds the hunger of being with the carp.  Charlie and I both own this hunger.  This creek is mother nature's milk of the locale proper.  Will I now starve to death without the carp?  No, at least not physically.  My hunger will continue to grow and gnaw and my high hope is that the hunger will not grow to the point where I own an emaciated soul. 

If the rain will come and find the ground in good quantities, I'll get right back to the conversation.  But, if it doesn't I will let these creatures be for a while.  There is high hope of rain in the coming week. 

If only the rain would come.   


Gregg said...


Is the drought though officialy over? I had thought it was. Yes, give them a break, is there larger or other water nearby in better shape? Nice way to stop for awhile, the mythical mirror!


Barry said...

Oklahoma was placed back on drought status today. Yes, there is the large lake (Arbuckle) and I could always try that. Just not the same as the creek though.