Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where I Would Take Graywolf #100

One thing about Cameron over at the The Fiberglass Manifesto is that he keeps things interesting in the fly fishing world. 

For his latest effort in making fly fishing more fun, he's teamed up with Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods and these two have created a contest where some lucky guy or gal will walk away with one of Shane's wonderfully crafted rods. 

The rod to be given away is a Signature S-Glass 8' 5-weight rod valued at $600.00. 

To enter the contest all we have to do is answer the question, "Where Would We Take Build #100?"  Therefore, in hopes of getting lucky I am answering that question here and now.

I know exactly where I would take Build #100 and I want to share why. 

I would take Build #100 to Blue River in southern Oklahoma.  The reason I would take Build #100 is because Shane and Graywolf Rods and Blue River have something in common.  They both are unique. 

Blue River is the intimate waterway that the people of southern Oklahoma had to rescue back in 2002.  In 2002 there was an effort by a coalition to drill, pump, and transport massive amounts of water from the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer - the lifeblood of Blue River.  The amount of yearly water to be removed was almost exactly the same amount that flows down Blue River each year.  If this effort would have been successful, it would have been a matter of time before Blue River would have ceased to exist. 

However, those of us who know and love this unique river banded together and stopped the water removal. 

Blue River is a wonderful year round fishery and designated trout stream from November 1st to March 31st.  The geomorphologically and plant life of Blue River are two of things that make this river unique.  Blue River is the only place in Oklahoma that the seaside alder is found - a plant that is indigenous to the east coast.  Outcroppings of granite and limestone at Blue River are a stark contrast to the mostly flat farm land that surrounds this river on both sides. 

There is something to be said about being unique, especially when there is so much mediocrity available.

Now, I'll keep on rat-holing money to buy my own Graywolf someday just in case my luck doesn't pull through on this contest.  But if I do get lucky and my name comes out my random draw, then on November 1st, opening day of trout season, I'll be standing in the Blue with the Graywolf in my hand.

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