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Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fly Fishing Life - Gifted Gear

It has never cease to amaze me.  I'm talking about all the fly fishing gear people have brought to the mercantile store, over the years, and simply give to me. 

Yesterday, a lady named Patty who recently came to work at the mercantile store learned of my addiction and love for fly fishing.  Today, she showed up carrying an olive drab canvas satchel of sorts.  It turned out to be a traveling fly fishing kit as you can see from the pictures below.

Patty shared with me that her husband was award this travel kit about twelve years ago by the company he works for.  She also said that for that twelve years this kit has stayed in a shed and had never been opened.  Up to today... the rod had never been assembled. 

There's little doubt as to the quality of this kit.  It is furthest from being a high end, high quality rod and reel outfit.  The reel is a rather noisy click pawl and will never take a lot of stress.  But, the rod was actually kind of sweet in a way.  This eight piece, eight foot 4/5 weight rod has a soft feel to it and will cast with a slower motion. 

Most likely I''ll never fish this outfit since it is in original condition.  I figure it will go in the spare bedroom, which is also known as the miniature fly fishing and tying museum.  If for some reason I do use the rod someday it will be for perch, small bass, or trout.  There's no way this rod will ever hold up to carp. 

Now, on the subject of carp, it was a couple of posts ago I reported that Charlie had come down with tick fever while trekking through the woods to get to the carp water.  In that post I made the statement that I know Charlie and commented there was little if anything, including tick fever, that would keep him from his beloved carp.  Well... I'll say it again.  Yesterday Charlie went to the carp creek even though he's not fully recovered and still yet to finish his round of antibiotics.  With his Creek Critter tied on he landed a nice carp early in the morning.  He apologized for not sending a picture and explains he can't find his camera because he can't remember where it is.  Most likely his memory lapse is part of the tick fever. 

This angler hasn't been out for carp-by-fly since Sunday, but hope to do so soon before things get too dry and too hot for both man and fish. 

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Gregg said...

People like that prove humanity aming us still exists. Bully for Charlie!