Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chronicles Of A Struggling Creek - A Bit Better

Wednesday morning we were blessed with a delightful rain that lasted a good hour and little more.  During this brief time the rain was steady, and upon checking the blue bird rain gauge at the prairie home an inch of accumulation revealed itself. 

The question became would this rain be enough to get our carp creek flowing again?  Although, I had my doubts, the only way to be sure was to visit the creek for a look-see. 

Much to my delight, and surprise, the morning rain had produced a flow - not much, but still it was moving water. 

Today, there was a promise of hope for afternoon rain, but as I'm writing this post that hope has fizzled like a dud firecracker on the 4th of July.  Disappointing for sure - so close but still so far.  There is a chance for overnight rain.  Hopefully, those clouds of life-giving moisture will materialize.

Fishing hasn't been much of late.  I haven't been out much, but more than Charlie.  Tuesday afternoon, there was a spatter of raindrops falling so I decided to hit the downstream section of the creek where there is still ample water. 

After an hour on the creek I walked away having lost five carp.  Two were by quick release or poor hook-sets most likely, with the other three being from the carp snapping the flies.  This was quite unusual and something seemed awry.  Upon checking the tippet it seemed quite fine, but I changed it out as a precautionary measure. 

Yesterday was much of the same - two hook-ups with carp and defeated once again.  The perch are crazy right now with perch attacking or impaling themselves with just about every cast.  The same is true for the small bass and catfish.  Of course with the perch, bass, and catfish pursuing the fodder meant for carp, it certainly cuts downs on possible carp captures. 

After work today I stopped by the creek in hopes of a quick fix in the form of a carp.  Those of us who fly fish for carp know what a mercurial lot they can be and today they seemed particularly wishy-washy.  It was refusal, refusal, refusal.  And, the perch, bass, and catfish were there again.

I showed the carp stabbers, carrots, creek critters, the curiosity, and the mysis shrimp, but they just tucked tailed and ran.  Finally, I look in the fly box and find the smallest and most ragged Creek Critter I own.  This poor thing was so scarce it barely had any yellow deer hair left and both legs were missing.  Nonetheless, I toss it out and an over-eager young carp inhaled it.  Actually the youngster inhaled it a little deeper than I like, but fear not - the hook was de-barbed and it backed out with ease.  This pretty little carp is the smallest carp I've caught.  It's good to see young carp like the one today because it means things are on-going.

The most pleasurable part of this afternoon was meeting a young fly-fisher named Brent.  Brent is interested in fly fishing for carp and even though he had his fly rod with him today, time was short and he had to return home 90 miles away.

I invited him back to this creek and the wonderful carp that make it home.  I hope it rains more so Brent can come back to a nourished stream.  

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