Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chronicles Of A Struggling Creek - Going With The Flow

Sometimes the smallest critters pack the biggest punch.  While on the creek Thursday afternoon something bit me on the hand.  It really didn't hurt or anything like that, but itched like no tomorrow.  Friday morning I awoke to a completely swollen hand and not feeling too chipper at the same time - kind of like a night out on the town that went bad. 

I managed to drag my carcass to the mercantile store, but. by mid-morning this old body was pretty much spent, so I headed to the bunkhouse where I self-medicated - a terrible thing for a lay person to do. 

The critter bite must have been more than I thought because this morning I didn't awake until almost three hours later than I normally do, which is highly unusual.  And, being the sleepy-head I was this morning would put me on the creek much later than I like.

However, I got the most pleasant surprise once arriving to the carp water.  I reported several days ago that the creek had gained a little flow due to a one inch rain.  Somehow that flow has increased and the puzzling thing is we haven't had anymore rain... as of this morning.

Tying a black with red stinger tail Curiosity on the fly went out just a short distance.  The first carp of the morning took note and casually come up and sucked. 

The next fish would be a catfish that was every bit of four pounds and this would be the point I would pull one of my bonehead stunts.  I got the catfish up next to the bank and instead of taking one long step down into the water I decided to try and lift the fish by the tippet.  Of course the tippet gave way and the catfish took the Curiosity I had just tied last night.  Sometimes I do some really stupid stuff. 

On goes one of Charlie's Creek Critters and the search for carp continues.  A short distance down the creek there are wakes in the water so the Critter goes sailing.  The reward comes in the fashion of one of those fascinating Mirror carp. 

Leaving this carp pasture the second carp pasture explored would be Well Springs.  The sky this morning was completely overcast, which is good and bad.  Good for keeping temperatures down and this morning was absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the low 70's.  But, overcast skies can be bad in being able to see the carp. 

Again, keying on a wake the third carp of the morning would come in for the branding.  The Creek Critter has been one of the ruling flies this season.

A little further downstream, the fourth carp of this Saturday morning would be lassoed and also brought in for branding. 

Interruptions have always bothered me, and this morning there was a scheduled one.  Around mid-morning I was forced to leave the creek to meet with the appliance delivery man and claim Miss Carol's new washing machine.  After that was said and done, a second run was made at the creek.

On the second run it wasn't fifteen minutes before dark clouds begin to gather in a great congregation as far as this eye could see.  Then, the saving gifts from above begin to fall.  Hurrying back to the schooner, a cup of coffee was in order.  Walking out of the store with my coffee the rain seemed to have quit so it was back to the creek once more. 

No sooner than had I reached the creek bank, the sky really opened up and delivered a downpour.  It was only 100 yards to the schooner, but before I could get there every thread on me was totally drenched.  I loved it. 

It's my wish that this is the final post in the series "Chronicles Of A Struggling Creek".  Hopefully, after the wonderful rain today this will be finis.  


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Gregg said...

My wish also! As well, I wish my city carp came so easilly to be fooled, not a reality.