Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Heron Needs To Learn To Fly Fish

For a good number of years now I have watched the heron fish while I'm fly fishing whether it be for carp on the local creek, or trout on Blue River, or just about any stream or waterway I'm on. 

The heron stalks fish with amazing poise and grace.  The patience these creatures own is remarkable in itself.

Evidently though, the heron known as the Green Heron is a bait fisherman.  You've got to watch this video showing how this bird uses bread to lure his prey.  Makes me wonder if this particular bird isn't a reincarnation of a bait angler long since passed.

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Gregg said...

That was incredible! Hard to top, impossible perhaps, except by crows and ravens, known for their smarts. How he managed to figure that out is beyond me. At a school playground I saw a gull swiping his bill in rain puddle back and forth. Seems he was soaking a rock hard gum ball candy to soften it. Will wonders never cease. Nice Barry!