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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

In Teaching Fishing

Many of us have heard it, or said it, numerous times.  The future of fishing is in our youth.  Sound familiar?  Sure it does and it makes perfect sense.  It may be time, however, to add to this statement and it should go something like this.  The future of fishing is in our youth and people willing to teach them.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is thinking along these lines because they have added an introduction to fishing to their menu of outdoor education in public schools.  Fishing joins the outdoor education curriculum roster along with hunting, archery, bow hunting, and the wildlife department is considering a pilot program for shotgun sports.

Outdoor editor for the Oklahoman, Ed Godfrey, published an article that explains the wildlife department hopes with this education program. 

In the article, Colin Berg of the wildlife department states, "If we don't have hunters and fishermen in the future, we may not have wildlife in the future."

Read all of Ed Godfrey's article "Oklahoma Department of Wildlife making it's mark."

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