Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blue River Redhorse Sucker Club

One of the most difficult freshwater species to catch is the Redhorse Sucker - a species I would say that is every bit as difficult to catch, if not more, than the carp by way of fly. 

However, it seems in the not-so-recent past a handful of exclusive fly fishers at Blue River have pulled-off the feat of catching the Redhorse Sucker.

Upon suggesting they celebrate their unique accomplishment by forming a Redhorse Sucker club... they did just that. 

Founding members are Scott Spradling, Michael Mercurio, Scott Dittner, Russell Rutledge, David Dillow, and Mike Littrell.

I love the idea of this new club because it speaks of the diversity in fishing that Blue River has to offer.  Most of us often get caught up so much in trout season that we forget that Blue River is an all-around great fishery offering a number of species including the elusive Redhorse Sucker.  This club also speaks of the diversity that can be accomplished with a fly rod and fly.

I'm just a bit jaded right now because these guys have some pretty cool t-shirts in the works - t-shirts that are coming on a pretty sweet deal pulled off by Russell. 

So, if you see some guys carrying fly rods in the future sporting a t-shirt with the pic of a Redhorse Sucker on it... then know you are in some pretty unique company. 

Design by Russell Rutledge


Gregg said...


I wondered about the trout crowd that seems to disappear after the season and the trout expire. This is a very belated aknowledgement of a native species of the Blue. Love the T shiirt!


Russell said...

I am proud to be in such exclusive company! I truly love this river and it's diversity. This is just one example of how it is always keeping things interesting.