Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Carp - March 3rd, 2013

Dear Carp,

It has been a long time since my last visit.  I could offer a number of excuses for my absence - strange weather, tough work schedule, the One Fly tournament, and other reasons, but I will not bother you with any of my alibis. 

Today didn't seem like a good day to visit you with the strong wind that would give you the advantage of the chop on the water.  But, in spite of the wind it was a nice and unseasonably warm day so I simply couldn't resist.

I could see members of your community, or at least their images, but would not be able to see my offerings sucked. 

Seeing another one of your younger members I sent out a yellow bellied Creek Critter.  The young one moved toward it and then it was all gut feeling for me.  The Critter found the youngster's mouth and our conversation was on. 

The young lad had a lot of fight to him and in our talks today he became entangled in some limbs and evidently damaging himself somewhat.  Hopefully the battle scar will heal quickly.
I am quite concerned about the condition of your home.  The creek is ever lowering and the algae is taking over.  There is a good chance for significant rain soon and it is my prayer the rain finds you. 
I will keep hoping my friends.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


Trevor Tanner said...

You know, I have heard so many good things about the creek critter and you mention it so often. Do you have a post with a picture? I like carp flies!

Barry said...

I don't have a real good picture of the Critter because I'm such a crap picture taker. I will try and take a good one and post it. Good fly fishing too you.