Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dear Carp - The Rain Dance Carp

Dear Carp,

The promised rain begin shortly after daybreak this morning.  It was an event I have been excitingly waiting for.  However, the rain came in a fashion that certainly was not a princely sum, but rather paltry - a mere pittance. 

It was disappointing to say the least, and I found further disappointment being held captive at the mercantile store having to work my seventh day straight. 

It's funny how my mind works sometime.  I found myself devising a way to excuse myself from the workplace in order to come visit you and at the same time a way to make the rain pour.  I reasoned that if I would come in hopes of a conversation with one of your lot, then the sky would certainly open and the rain would pour.

So, around mid-morning I informed my fellow co-workers that I would be taking a long break and once I returned there would be a grand tale of a chin-chin with a fine carp who would make a rain dance.

At the threshold of your doorstep at Honey Hole, it was easy to see that conditions were terribly bad in any hope of striking a conversation this morning.  The sky was completely overcast, there was a steady drizzle, and a constant and strong chop on the water.  The glare from the partially lit sky is the worst kind of glare and it made seeing your kind hard for a man who doesn't see well to begin with.

I did spot several of your community and presented them with my offering in the form of a Creek Critter.  This morning it was the same as the other day.  The gift would fall just inches away and in front and to the side of these citizens, but they could not find the fly once they reached it. 

With the strong chop on the water, I decided to leave this pasture and look for a wind-break at another.  At the pasture we call Lower Well Springs, I found such a wind-break. 

Here, the first two citizens acted like the earlier ones and come to the fly, but swam over it.  So, I changed my offering to the mutated Creek Critter, which is a cross between the Creek Critter and Curiosity. 

I looked for a community member to show it to and it wasn't long until I found such a subject.  This gentleman had no problem seeing my gift and rushed to claim his prize.  I kept our conversation short knowing I had to get back to the mercantile store, and sometimes to-the-point talks are quite alright. 

This dandy and fine young man took me through a real mess of organic build-up and it was quite a messy affair.

Upon releasing this fellow I expected the rain to begin pouring... but it did not.  Sometimes, I think I let my mind trick me and my optimism is too grand.  I was sure this fellow was the rain dance carp. 
My tour of duty at the mercantile store is now done, and as I am finishing this letter to you the thunder is rolling and the rain is beginning to build.  The thunder builds, the rain builds.  Let the celebration begin.
Thank you rain dance carp.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 


Gregg said...

You are cathing alot of carp compared to this guy, good for you Barry. You seem to be located in a rainless vortex as it seems to be moist all around you by our news. I hope this carp broke the mold.


Barry said...


Your season will begin soon! Best of luck to you and I await your reports!