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Blue River Fly Classic
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear Carp - The Milestone Day

Dear Carp,

Yesterday was March 28th.  That date most likely holds no significance for you my friends, but in my life and the life of Charlie... it certainly does.

Three years ago yesterday marks the date that Charlie and me decided to pursue conversation with you and your kinship and do so in the most passionate way.  It was March 28th, 2010 when I caught my first carp, by way of fly, and doing so with a passion burning inside me.  A few days later, Charlie caught his first carp on the fly with the same burning passion. 

Both of us, Charlie and me, had come to converse with you and your kind many years prior.  But, we didn't come into that exchange with any passion at all to seek further talks.  My first conversation with your lot, by way of fly, came in 2004.

It unfortunately took a downturn life event for Charlie and me alike, at about the about the same time, for us to come to agreement that we needed a great challenge, a great diversion, something that would bring us passion.  My friends... you were that great challenge... that great diversion... the creature that would grow a passion so immense that it would come to dominant our thoughts. 

To mark this great event in Charlie's and my life, I came to you yesterday in hopes of having conversation with one of your kind.  If I was successful, I would tell the story I just shared with the lot of you.  You, my friends, saved Charlie and me.  You rejuvenated, inspired, led us to the great challenge we so badly needed.  You... possibly saved us from declining further in the muck that living life can sometimes bring. 

Thank you.

I would share my story with one of your kind.  He was such a tender babe... a sweetest child and a unique member of the grand order of the Mirror.

After sharing my story with the sweet babe, I returned him to unite once again with family.  Then, I hoped to find more conversation with your lot. 
The weather changed on me as the temperature started to drop so I put on an extra layer of clothing.  My hopes were to find additional members of your community to carry on talks, but other species, that share your home, had other ideas.
The Drum that share your home were quite interested in my offerings as I come to meet a couple of these feisty fellows.  The perch, those pick-pockets of the prairie ocean, were also quite interested and we also had some good chin-chins.
The most pleasant surprise of the afternoon, and a milestone in this fly fishers life, was the connection and conversation with yet another sweet and tender child.
On this day, March 28th, a day I come to celebrate the passion I have for you... I established another milestone in my fly fishing life by holding a chat with my first Redhorse Sucker by way of fly. 
Such a sweet and gentle babe he was. 
A grand day my friends... a grand day! 
They say the rain is on the way.  Let it pour sweet beasts, let it pour.  We can catch up later.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


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Gregg said...

That was nice reading Barry, thanks for sharing. Am watching your weather and hoping for the best.