Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Hot Water Carp

The temperature here on the prairie ocean was 103 yesterday.  The temperature today is predicted to be 103 also.  Maybe twenty years ago I would've fished in such extremes... but, those days are gone. 

Last night I tied two new Carpola Charlie carp flies in olive and brown, and olive and black with variegated legs.  The Carpola Charlie was a killer pattern last season, but, has seen little action this year. 

Getting on the creek about mid-morning it was easy to tell the carp were active and mudding frantically.  Any chance of seeing lots of carp was slowing drifting downstream within the clouds of muddy water. 

Downstream in the shallows of one pasture there was a stray beeve - a lone grazer.  Looking into the possibles pouch, I spotted the olive and brown Carpola tied last night and this warrior went on and was sent sailing toward the carp.  Carpola landed about eight inches above and to the side of the beast and quickly disappeared from sight.  However, in watching the behaviour of the beeve I could tell he was on it.  Quick lift of the glass rod and the beeve suddenly went on stampede.  He was peeling line like nobodies business and took me near the backing.  I had to turn him because he was headed for a brush pile.  Fortunately the tippet held.
Carp are such gallant fighters.

Scale missing from battle?

The weather forecaster promises a cold front to arrive next week - on the first day of summer actually.  How ironic.  Until then, I'm staying cool.

Catch you in the shade.



panchobandit said...

I've never fished for carp but it sounds like they fight similar to the redfish we have down here on the Texas coast.These redfish have put many a bruise on my fat belly from the fishing pole digging into my gut.I hope I get a chance to hook one of those carp one of these days and see what kind of fight they put up.

Barry said...

I recently read comments from a guy who said he fishes for bonefish and permit so he can warm up for the carp.