Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Prairie Ocean - Tools Of The Trade

At our bunkhouse, Miss Carol and I do the majority of our cooking outdoors.  There's something that's just earthy or wholesome about cooking outdoors, at least to us. 

Whenever we are using our cast iron and Dutch ovens, I am mindful of the early explorers, settlers, and the cattle drive cousie.  Sometimes I think I was born way too late.

Here are some of the cast iron tools we use when preparing our meals.


panchobandit said...

When I lived in Tishomingo in the sixties, we had a wooden stove in the house and one on the backporch which we used on the weekends to cook breakfast.My granny was born in 1903 and could whip up a meal on that old stove faster than any new fangled electric or gas stove.Nothing compares to cookin'and eatin' out in the fresh air.

Barry said...

Amen to that panchobandit! Life was simpler and sweeter it seems in those days.