Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Under The Influence

Chances are I should have just stayed at the bunkhouse today. 

First off, the prairie schooner was out on loan and away from my wagon mastery, and it just so happens that the lanyard, carp fly box, and carp rod were stowed in the wagon of the schooner. 

Leaving the mercantile store at noon, I was able to persuade sweet Carol in letting me have the brown pony, and therein was the chance to get to the creek.  Without my precious carp gear, I grabbed a rod (not meant for the carp) and a poorly tied Carpola Charlie (tied it way too bulky and it fishes like crap). 

Getting to the creek around 1 p.m., I knew there was only 45 minutes before my duty of fetching Carol was scheduled.  Standing at one of of the more significant, in size, pastures, it was easy to see the carp were extremely active in mudding.  This large pool looked like a ginger-colored milk shake. 

Although I missed the carp fly box, the carp rod, and the lanyard... the one thing more importantly missed was the polarized sunglasses.  They are vital.  The only saving grace today was the cowboy hat I wear... it has a wide brim and that helps shade the sun. 

Forty or more feet out, the images of carp could be seen, but, getting a fly to them would require what I call a "prayer cast", where we simply cast and pray like heck the fish will stumble into it.  This didn't seem a good option today.

After about twenty minutes there was a waving orange colored tail about fifteen feet out, so the crap-tied Carpola Charlie in olive and black was flipped to the fish.  Immediately my attention was turned to the tail, but suddenly the corner of my eye was caught by the image of a rather good-sized Mirror carp coming from the bottom.  This fish sucked the fly mid-column and it caught me so off guard it was too late.  Going for the hookset anyhow, the fly landed in the arms of a young tree some ten feet behind me. 

I was peeved.

Another ten minutes passed and it was nearing time to fetch Miss Carol, but, just five more minutes... please, and I'll be damn, if another Mirror (maybe the same one) came toward the bank.  The fly was again flipped and the darn fish took the fly mid-column.  I saw the fly go in the fishes mouth! 

I missed!  Again! 

With the first Mirror carp that took the fly mid-column there was a Keystone Light tucked under my right arm, which just so happens to be my hook-set arm.

With the second Mirror carp that took the fly mid-column the same Keystone Light was squeezed between my knees.

Hmmm....  is there a correlation? 

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