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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Record Heat Carp

It appears that Oklahoma is going for a record in 100 degree days during the month of June.  Undoubtedly, the record will fall come tomorrow and then there are three days left in June with predicted 100+ days.

It's hot!  In chatting with fellow fly-fisher Robin Rhyne of McKinney, Texas this morning, I told Robin that it's so hot right now the fish I am catching are already fried.  Of course it's not quite that hot, but still it's quite miserable.

It's not just the heat, but, the extreme drought too.  Over 70% of Texas is suffering from extreme drought and here on the prairie ocean we're experiencing the same.  The drought is taking a toll on the local waters and the stream that serves as home to the grand golden ones has become thin - as skinny as I've ever seen.  Currently the stream is running at 3 cfs compared to the normal 18 cfs for this time of year.

When fly fishing for carp in thin and narrow water, there is no room for mistakes.  Everything, whether it be our approach, our casts, presentation, and patience becomes twice as important.  With the thin and narrow water, we find ourselves closer to the fish... and that means they are closer to us, which translates to them being able to detect us easier.

Not having any opportunities to fish in the last four or five days, the addiction was getting the best of me today.  Problem with today, however, was work and I wouldn't get on the water until 11 a.m., and the sun was already blazing at this time.  I would only last an hour, but, did find a couple of carp.

There really wasn't that many carp out, at least early in the expedition.  The few detected were in muddy and shaded water and to fish them would had been nothing less than an hopeful attempt.  Heading downstream I do encounter two young carp feeding underneath a log jam.  With the patience of a heron I wait for the fish to exit from under the fallen lumber.  Finally one does and the gift I bear is offered to the youngster.  He likes the gift and comes in for the branding.

Using an orange body soft hackle with black beadhead, I would miss a couple of more opportunities as the carp eat the fly.  Thirty minutes into the trip the heat was already telling on this body, so I decide to go back upstream. 

Upstream, there is a group of carp on the feed and the olive and black Carpolo Charlie goes on.  The Carpolo finds another young carp.

Although I wanted to stay longer I've come to listen to what the body tells me and it was quite apparent the heat was having an effect, so, I leave the creek and grand golden ones for another day as they swam under a blue sky with white-stretched pillows.


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