Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 66 - Trout Season

Pony Express Pleasure

I'm sure I'm not telling any of you folk something new by saying how hard it is to go through a day like today and not be able to be on the water.  Everytime I stepped out the back door of the mercantile store today, the weather seemed to get just a tad bit... better. 

It was torture I tell you.  A fellow or lass could have been on the river today and been quite comfortable with a lightweight shirt on. 

My fellow co-workers kept asking me what was wrong with me today, and with each time I would reply "nothing", they would ask the further extension of their question by saying, "Why are your shoulders so slumped?" 

Somehow, the long day at the mercantile store came to and end and I went to my prairie home where my mood would certainly change for the better. 

Never have I been someone that can not wait until the mail delivery arrives and this is probably due to the fact regular monthly bills do little to make my day so to speak.  However today... the pony express was very good to me. 

The dispatch delivered to my doorstep a couple of boxes of new fly line and a new pair of wading boots. 

The Sage Ultimate Performance lines I ordered came today.  Since they were less than half price it was an easy decision to order two just in cast the cat goes on another tear and chews another line up. 

Then, there was the larger box of today's delivery.  The new L L Bean wading boots arrived to take the place of the Simms I've been wearing.  Although these new travelers are nowhere as durable as the Simms they are about half the weight which is going to help me tremendously.  I got away from felt on this pair of boots opting for a safer, more water-healthy-friendly verison... and I'm glad I did.  L L Bean has promised that the soles of these boots are of slip prevention design and it won't be too long until I put that promise to the test. 

It didn't take long to enlist the help of Miss Carol and together we ripped the damaged fly line off the reel and added the new Sage.  As it is with removing old line, that line has to go somewhere.  I hate the thought of just tossing the line into the dumpster.


So, being on a never ending quest to achieve a cleaner, healthier, and sustainable environment I'd like to tell you about Flyvines.  The lads and lassies at Flyvines take old lines and create fly fishing accessories.  I'm sure you can contact the folk at Flyvines by email and get their mailing address to mail your spent fly lines so they will become someone's darling lanyard or sunglasses keeper.  I plan on mailing mine in soon. 


Kevin said...

It's a floating line, right? I've been thinking of using an old line to make floating flies somehow. I thought that maybe legs on some floating bassbug or something. Any ideas or do you think this is all just wishful thinking?

Barry said...

Nope, not wishful thinking at all. I used old fly line for legging material on some flies for perch. Worked like a charm.


Barry, why did you choose the 6wt instead of 5wt?

Barry said...

I overline my five weight rods for better performance. Plus I fish six weight for the carp.

Gregg said...


I use the orange thinnest portion of fly line and orange backing on a dynamite cicada imitation, the "Monga Ringtail Cicada" if memory of the name serves me right. I came across it in an older Flyfisherman Magazine and have caught some very nice wild rainbows with it in size 6, 4 would better match our insects though. I'll try to find the issue for you. If ever they fall with carp I bet they will work great.