Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 69 - Trout Season

Too Much Enthusiasm

It seems like my enthusiasm got the best of me this morning.  I knew any outing to Blue River would be a turnaround trip - get there, jump out of the schooner, mad dash to the water and maybe forty-five minutes of fishing, and then deadhead back to the workplace. 

If I'd known this morning that once arriving at the river I would find the trout keying on midges, I'd just stayed at work.  When the trout are fixated and feasting on midges, it... drives... me.... nuts! 

In the water I was standing there was an assault by the trout taking place that was nothing short of phenomenal.  It was a gorge-fest.  I could easily tell from the numbers and frequency of the assaults that the competition from the naturals would prove to be too much for my flies. 

After tying on six different midge patterns - different sizes and variations, I only had two eats and would end up losing those fish before they came to hand.

Finally, I gave up... had to get back anyhow. 

I left the river with my tail between the legs. 


Mitchell George has been doing some video work on Blue River and I feel obliged to include his video on these posts.

In this video, Mitchell takes us into the south wilderness and gives us a look underneath the surface. 


Gregg said...


You love those trout. If ever in my area I can take you to big wild trout that have a tremendous amount of insect species to feed on, and you to match. It seems a shame to this guy from a trout state to know that those fish, acclimated to midges, will perish. I'll steal myself away from carp if you show up!


Barry said...

You've got a deal Gregg. If ever in your area I'll show up on your doorstep in rod in hand.

Gregg said...

Good Barry,

I mean it, and a place to stay as well. Charlie included.