Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 85 - Trout Season

Friends With Chickens

This is my co-worker and friend Melissa.  Melissa is an outdoorsy type of girl and she likes to fish so naturally we have become good friends.

When not at work, Melissa is on her farm near Dougherty, Oklahoma - a farm with a good number of critters.  Among the critters there are chickens - lots of chickens. 

When talking with Melissa it is easy to detect how proud of she is of her yard birds and she has a good selection of breeds.  Most importantly she is always looking to expand her variety of breeds and that is where I come into this story.

When I think of a chicken, two things come to mind - fried and feathers.  Oh yes, feathers - lovely, beautiful feathers that will tie lovely, beautiful flies that will catch lovely, beautiful fish.

Now, I see nothing wrong with trying to warm-up to Melissa a little more in the hope that I will come to know her chickens even better. 

You see, as Melissa adds to her varied breeds in the yard, the opportunity for some very fine feathers presents itself. 

About once or twice a week, here of late, I've asked Melissa if she has acquired any new breeds - particularly a bird known as a Buff Orpington. 

Once she tells me she has said bird, the Buff that is, then my plan of action of clamoring over Melissa and catering to her wants and needs will be fully employed. 

It will be at that time I will ask myself, "What does this girl desire - chocolate, flowers, egg Mcmuffins?"  Perhaps there is a certain genre of music she likes, or something she collects like miniature porpoises... I don't know and it doesn't matter... I plan on getting whatever it is.

My effort is all in the attempt to grow closer in my friendship with Melissa and therefore coming closer to those delightful feathers on her beloved chickens.

No, I don't feel cheesy at all.  I'll be upfront with my friend and tell her it's a few feathers I am after and in case one of the birds meets it's demise she should call regardless what time of night it might be. 

Through a carefully constructed curriculum of casual communique, I will most certainly learn what tickles Melissa's fancy.

And... once I do, then said fancy will be fulfilled and my fingertips will grow a little closer to those beautiful Buff Orpington dressings.