Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 75 - Trout Season

The Difference A Day Can Make

Today marks the halfway mark of trout season at Blue River.  It has been one of the more interesting seasons that I can remember. 

The popularity of fly fishing on Blue River continues to grow and if this trend continues, we're going to need a bigger river for sure. 

The outings with friends I have been on this year have been the best in my recollection... and there are more scheduled.  The trout derby is scheduled for February and then in March we have the 1st Annual One Fly Contest. 

Yesterday, the report was that fishing was slow, but today it was a much different story.  Although the fishing, or catching, wasn't stellar for all, it was good for this fly angler. 

Upon arriving at the river I drove straight to the south wilderness area only to find about twenty vehicles in parking area already.  So... I turned around and went downstream.  I didn't have to go far; just across the low water and up the hill where I would pick up a trail to the river. 

Tying an olive bugger on the trout quickly informed me they weren't interested at all.  The olive bug was replaced black and this fly took one trout, but, the activity was less than I hoped for.  Finally, the Duke of Marabou Brown bugger came out and went on and ten trout in succession came to hand. 

Probably, a fellow could have stayed in this spot and caught a good number of trout, but there were people to see. 

After some very good visits with friends Ralph and Charlotte, Chris, Larry, and fellow carpster Charlie, it was time for me to return to my prairie home. 

The weather today was again more like springtime.


Dan Ham said...

As someone who has just started fishing the blue,
I can't tell you how entertaining and informative this blog is..
Keep up the stellar work

Dan Ham

Barry said...

Thank you Dan! Glad to know some folk are enjoying it. See you on the river someday.