Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 68 - Trout Season

That Wonderful South Kingdom

Pulling out from the prairie home this morning, Stone Temple was along for the ride with me.  I wouldn't get to the river until shortly after 7:30 though.

Boone got to the river rather early and had already made one pass at Chris, but Chris was away from his campsite.  By the time I hit the campsite, Chris was already in the water.  Boone had decided to fish the water upstream from the crossing and make a second attempt at connecting with Chris and me. 

Fishing around the boulder at 17, the fishing was on the rather slow side.  Chris and I together only managed a few fish.  Probably around thirty minutes after I had started fishing Boone makes his second run and we finally all meet.  After a short visit and some coffee to warm us, we decide to hit the south wilderness.

The south wilderness would prove to be very kind to all of us today.  The wind was still quite brisk out of the north when we arrived in the heart of the wild, but it wasn't long until it tapered down. 

Everyone in our entourage was catching trout today. On my first cast in the south wilderness, a trout came to hand, on the second cast I missed the hookset, and the third cast another trout came to hand.  We all went upstream and that's when the fishing got crazy.  It was a fish almost every cast. 

Boone was using San Juan Worms and midge patterns, I was using brown buggers and prince nymphs, and ol' Chris was using the one and only Bubba Bugger.  Bubba was doing some damage on the trout today! 

We weren't the only ones looking for trout today - so was Boone's friend Josie.

After about two and a half hours we were all in the double digits... except Josie that is. 

The most ridiculous thing about fishing this morning was that Chris broke his rod tip about half way through the morning - yes, he snapped the rod tip off.  But, that didn't stop Chris from fishing - he just kept roll casting and capturing trout.

After a good morning of fishing, we decide to hit Scotty's for some burgers and it was Boone's treat.  Thanks Boone! 

After lunch, it was time for me to head back to the prairie home, but Chris and Boone had their eyes set on the catch & release area, so I left them to their quest. 

I hope they made a killin'. 

Here's some action from today.


Mitchell George said...

Hey Barry! I wanted to send you some under water/above water trout catching videos I took with a GoPro camera. What is the best way you think?

Barry said...

I would love to have the videos, but have no idea as to the best way you should send them. Sounds quite interesting.

Mitchell George said...

I will upload them to YouTube and post the link.

Barry said...

Send me the embed link to my email