Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Thanksgiving On Blue

Trout Season 2009/2010 Trout Fishing Day 10

This was my twentieth Thanksgiving to work at the same place and I guess I should be quite thankful for that fact. And...I am. I'm particularly thankful this year because the job situation looks like I may find myself adrift on the sea of joblessness at any time.

Today also was my eleventh year in a row to spend at least part of Thanksgiving day with the Lady Blue.

Battling a chest cold and feeling rather crummy the thought of not going at all crossed my mind but still I was compelled to go. Spending time with the river seems to have become some kind of requirement of my very existence. Fishing didn't seem all that important today...just being there did, but still I would put on the waders and cut the waters.

At Chris's Pool the risers were crazy and there was a mixture of black and grey bugs on the surface. Convinced I could entice them with a soft hackle I flung that sucker and hoped for the best. The wind was giving me more battle than the bows at first but finally I got into a rhythm and met a couple of bows.

Down in the channel there was a flurry of activity so I waded there. In the channels is challenge fishing, at least to me, because of the tight casting. However, if you can pull the cast off the fishing is priceless. More bows would be met in the channels but the bows actually got the best of the jousting with more strikes than I.

Today I was thankful for the chance to be on such a special natural occurring river as Blue. She is quite special.

Hope we all will remember our troops this holiday season.

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