Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Fishing

Trout Fishing 2009/2010 Day 9


It seemed like Saturday was a near repeat of Friday and I was greeted with the same grey soupy sky while riding down the prairie ocean trail.

Actually I got a little earlier start Saturday leaving the bunkhouse about ten o'clock. John Mellencamp rode down with me and I always enjoy what he has to say. About half way to Blue, on the side of the road was a dead doe that had given her life not for the thrill of the hunt but rather at the grill of a damn vehicle. Eyes wide open, glaring like black mirrors...what a terrible waste on the prairie ocean and a sad sight to see.

Today, I decided to fish the island even though it was heavy with anglers. Unlike yesterday I decided not to use the soft hackle but stick with the olive/yellow split-tail bugger and with the very first cast I met the first bow of the day.

Again, the bows were frolicking but I paid them no attention and kept presenting the bugger. The action wasn't fast and furious but rather steady. The frolickers were certainly a distraction but for the life of me I could not see what was causing their explosions on the surface. It had to be small...very small.

Fishing for an hour and a half I would leave the river coming to know nine more of the bow community.

Trout Fishing 2009/2010 Day Ten Fishing


Today I got an even earlier start leaving the bunkhouse at nine-thirty but having to ride into Tishomingo to make a delivery would end up putting me at the river about the same time as Saturday.

This morning there is no soupy sky and the sun is trying to burn off the wide spread haze. The fog is heavy-breathed on the trail down which causes me to pull up on the reins a couple of times along the trail.

I decide to stay around the crossing both above and below. Lots of fishers on the river today but the fishing is slow to say the least. After an hour I have only three bows to my credit - one taken below the crossing, the other two above on the bugger.

I keep wanting to go to the island but it is covered with people. Continuing to wait, a chance to fish the island finally comes open... and to these sweet waters I go. The fishing is even slower at the island and the risers are going nuts. I try Ole Grey and get two takers but no hook-sets. Then I dress Ole Grey and start getting lots of refusals. Evidently my dressing screwed Ole Grey up. There are thousands of grey colored mayflies up above in the wide water so I'm convinced this is what the bows want but it's just not working. I have another look and see some black bugs mixed in so I go to a Griffiths Gnat (way too large) and it produces absolutely nothing.

Starting to think emergers I try a hare's ear and get one take but that's it. Then comes the red midge larvae and I catch two.

It's about this time the big bows show up and they are a threesome. They travel together and even have a tag-along in the form of a small trout. These poor creatures have been tossed and flung at since derby weekend and they are as nervous and guarded as a community of Meerkats.

Kids are having a great time splashing in the middle of the Island pool which doesn't help the fishing any. I give up...and decide to go downstream.

Downstream with the bugger back on I quickly catch four more bows which brings me to nine just like the day before. I am's time to go.

The river is as clear as I've ever seen her and the level is still good but diminishing every so slightly.

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