Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dissecting The South Wilderness

A goal this season is to gain a better understanding of the northern wilderness area of the river Blue.  To do that, however, will require outings where most of the day can be dedicated.  This may prove to be rare occasions early in the season.

Another goal is to dissect the south wilderness, further exploring the complexities of this almost magical and at times mystical place.  If there is such a thing as perfect water... then it has to be here in the south wilderness. 

Departure is late today.  Finally on the road into the south, the beaten path is familiar.  The walk is slower these days - the stride shorter.  Labored breath, tiredness comes quickly, but a refreshing tiredness it is. Along the main road there is a trail.  If taken, this trail will lead the angler past inviting water that promises intimacy.  The water in this area, known as the Scattters, plays an ensemble of nature's music that leads to a number of crescendos as travel continues.  Sometimes... it's quite nice to just sit on a rock... and listen.  

This trail of beauty leads back to the beaten path.  However, the well-traveled road is required for only a short distance.  A patch of water that begs for understanding is near, and it is here, today, that the dissecting for understanding begins. 

A bugger is plucked from his nest.  Eye threaded.

    One twist, two twist, three twist, four.
    To make for sure, one twist more.
    Through one loop then the other,
    Tippet on bend for the brother,
    Bugger and Zug will sail together,
    Seamen of the proud fur and feather.

First cast, a bow to hand.  Lance removed, fish slips back to his watery den.  Second cast, bow to hand.  Third cast... bow wins the battle.  No matter where the flies sail today, they seem to find fish.  Darker, deeper, emerald colored pockets are the keys. 

This patch of water is dissected from bottom to top, from near bank to far.  Catching is almost too easy.  Amazing the number of fish that still exist, considering the masses that ascended on the river this past week. 

The wind is hard today. Time is short, for the prairie home beckons. The outing is done, the day is made. Thanks given, river left for another day.

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Kevin said...

I always enjoy your blog!...about the best next thing to being there!