Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, November 19, 2010


Before leaving my prairie home this morning, Miss Carol asked me for two things.  She requested a Creme Danish from Scotty's, and trout from the river Blue. 

I brought her both.

Carol takes great delight in the taste of trout, so I don't mind bringing her a limit every great once in a while.  I harvest trout only a couple of times during the season - usually at the beginning and then as the season ends.  Of course, we have to keep the fish if we participate in a trout derby. 

Friday morning brought a bite with it.  For most of the morning the sun hid behind a thick haze and the wind was up and steady.  The cold breath of the northern Gods were more than enough to send a shiver down my neck and bring numbness to my hands.

Fishing only one pool of water, Coyote Pass, time was fairly short on the river Blue today.  While at Coyote Pass, completely new pools of water were found and they seemed fairly rich with bows.  The new-size bows are nice - averaging twelve or thirteen inches.  I think everyone will really enjoy these fish.

The fly of the day was a beadhead Hare's Ear soft hackle.

After catching Miss Carol's limit, I give thanks and leave the river.

On the way out, I stop and visit with Matt for a spell.  We talked about pheasant hunting, fly-tying, trout fishing, and the catch and release area.  Matt shared with me what a popular destination the catch and release has become and it's favor is ever-growing.

I make a quick trip to Tishomingo to take care of some business and then it's back to my prairie home.


Upon arriving at the bunkhouse, I first take care of the trout.  Then it's time to head to the Rock Creek current in search of the prairie ocean bonefish... the wonderful carp. 

Charlie caught two carp yesterday and promises pictures soon.  Both of his carp were taken on an yellow and brown Carpola Charlie.  His two prizes brought us to needing just 46 more to make our goal of 250 by the end of the year. 

Using the Carpola Charlie in olive and yellow, I quickly capture two carp and that brings us to only needing 44 more carp with 41 calendar days left.  Getting the 44 we need may sound like an easy task, but next week looks to slow our effort down.

Charlie is going to be gone for a week - he flies out this Sunday.  Next week is Thanksgiving week at the store, which means I'm going to be extra busy, spending extra time at the store.  Plus, our little brown pony isn't running well and has to go in the shop, which means Miss Carol and I will be sharing the Prairie Schooner. 

I may find myself hiking to the creek. 

The sun is hidden somewhere in this thick haze.
The Harvest
Rock Creek carp taken with Carpola Charlie
Valiant fighters - Prairie Ocean Bonefish

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