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Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trout Fever - Carp Dreams

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud at the San Francis...Image by mharrsch via Flickr
Although I am in trout mode and feverish for their sight and their being in my hand, I evidently still have carp on my mind without really knowing it.

Last night, I dreamt I caught a carp on Rock Creek, and once getting it to the bank I couldn't escape the fact this carp looked like a Pekingese.  Now... what's that all about?

My dream didn't stop there.  A little later another carp was beached and as I walked to the creature to release it from the grasp of fur and feather... it sprouted wings and flew away.

Who can really explain dreams?  And what would Freud have to say?  Probably something like this.

"In the same way that psycho-analysis makes use of dream interpretation, it also profits by the study of the numerous little slips and mistakes which people make -- symptomatic actions, as they are called [...] I have pointed out that these phenomena are not accidental, that they require more than physiological explanations, that they have a meaning and can be interpreted, and that one is justified in inferring from them the presence of restrained or repressed intentions and intentions. [Freud, An Autobiographical Study (1925)]"

A carp that looks like a Pekingese?  That's just too weird. 

I'm going trout fishing this weekend - Friday through Monday.  Just pure trout, no other species.  On Blue River, the south wilderness, the north, Rocking Chair and a good number of other spots will be explored.

I just hope I don't catch a trout that looks like a Wiener Dog.
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1 comment:

upacreek333 said...

Good luck with the psychiatrist later... But, like you, I have a thing for cyprinidae as well. Great post!