Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 106 - Trout Season

The Other White Meat

No, I'm not in the pocket of the Pork Council or anything like that.  I'm talking about colors of rather full-figured flies; those larger chunks of protein the trout sometimes fancy. 

There are times on the river Blue when the river reaches a certain degree of clarity.  During these times if the water temperature is on the rise, then the color white can produce quite well. 

Two of the largest trout I've ever caught at Blue river have come on a white streamer.  The day I caught one of those big boys, my friend Bruce Dixon caught the largest trout he ever landed on Blue using the same pattern. 

During the majority of trout season at Blue River the colors that produce the best, as far as streamers, are olive, brown, and black.  With these colors doing so well, for us who angle for the trout, it's rather easy to leave the white streamers behind.  There are times, however, that white is the go-to color. 

Not only can white streamers such as the cactus pearl white above entice trout, they are also dynamite for smallmouth or spotted bass in Blue. 

The above pattern is a really easy tie.  White thread, white marabou for tailing, cactus pearl chenille and a gold beadhead. 

An adaption of this pattern is one I call the Lone Ranger.  The Lone Ranger has a black conehead and in the tailing there is a single strand of silver flash incorporated on both sides.  Thus, we have the colors of the famed masked man with his black mask, white hat, and silver bullets.  


Gregg said...


White was an original favorite color for carp, actually a fly of white bunny, chenille, clear/black sili-legs, grizzly hackle and a black bead. But, essentially white, and still can be in some ponds. It's an early season favorite often.


Kevin said...

Good looking fly. I like the sound of the Lone Ranger too. For a while now I've had some hot head beads in various colors that I've been thinking of paring with white bugger materials. As the UFC's Bruce Buffer says...iiiiiIT's TIME!