Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 108 - Trout Season

An Ill-Fated Trout Derby?

What it is about my body and the month of February I have not a clue.  December - no problem, January - no problems there, but, come the month of February and there is definitely a problem for this fly angler.

It was a year ago tomorrow, I was on Blue River pitching a tent so I could get a good and early start to trout derby Saturday.  Upon waking up Saturday morning I knew right away something wasn't right with my body.  The whole derby weekend I struggled to stay on the water and this year, right now, I'm wondering if I might be doing the same this weekend. 

If I make the derby, and I will unless this malady I currently own grows worse, it will still be at best an ill-fated trout derby for me. 

You make the best of it you know.  Just get out there on the water and try to get your mind off of what ails you.  Water is healing, most times, and I am hoping for a healing this weekend - along with some nice trout. 

So, right now I'm going to hit the inhaler, chug some NyQuil, and chomp a jalapeno to see if that dandy will cut some of this crumbled up crud loose. 

Of course, a twenty-inch bow would help too. 

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Gregg said...


Not that this is your problem now, but my allergies kick in in late Jan., early Feb., always. Whatever, I hope you come out of this well.