Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 117 - Trout Season

A Message To Beer Drinkers On Blue River

There's nothing wrong with drinking a little beer - I'm a big fan of it myself.  With that being said, it should also be said that there are places to drink beer and places not to drink beer. 

Larry is a big time local tournament bass angler that works with me at the mercantile store.  During the fall and winter he also likes to go to Blue River for the trout. 

Friday mornng Larry was telling me about his Thursday afternoon trip to Blue.  He had hiked into the south wilderness and stopped at Desperado Springs.  While standing on the bank there he noticed three fishermen on the east side of the river that seemed, according to Larry, more interested in drinking beer than fishing.

To begin with we are not allowed to carry beer or any other alcoholic beverage into the wilderness areas or have on the banks of Blue River anywhere.  Beer must be consumed in campsites or parking areas. 

Larry continued his story by saying the most frustrating thing was how these guys were chuggin' their beer and then tossing the empty cans in the river. 

Now, I don't know who these Bozo-like characters were, but they should consider themselves lucky.  Lucky in the sense that a game warden wasn't standing where Larry was and the warden didn't see what Larry saw.  Most assuredly if a game warden had been there to see these events he or she would have had a sudden spike in blood pressure and the tickets would have started to fly. 

Not being absolutely sure what the fines would have been, these clowns would have not only received a citation for having beer on the river, but a second ticket for littering.  The total price tag would have probably been around $400.00, which isn't enough in my opinion.

I still believe the only way we will ever get people to stop trashing Blue River is to fine the hell out of them.  First offense should be no less than $500.00.  Then, if the offender decides to become a repeat offender, they should be banned from Blue River altogether.

My opinion may sound a little harsh and radical, but I believe it is a perfect and just judgement for those uncaring and thoughtless clowns who throw trash on Blue River.



Herman said...

Amen! I'm pretty harsh when it comes to punishing those who litter or otherwise muck up our wilderness areas. "If you steal, you get a hand chopped off" type of punishment. My son and I walked around Lake Arcadia today and he asked me why all the cups and cans were on the ground. I explained to him that some people don't respect our outdoors. He and I will fish together for the rest of our lives, and we will leave the campgrounds cleaner than what we found it. Teach them when they are young.

Dan Ham said...

Amen, and I second that motion. Increase fines for littering & trespassing.

Gregg said...


I'm known to let fools have a piece of my mind. Would have done that then. My closest carp water has been discovered by the usual bait crowd, except many are new immigrants and refugees who first saw my sons and I catch fish and now are here in force. Though every fish is kept, my biggest worry is that the trash will eventually lead to a park fishing closure. Beer? Here just go to our River by the bridges, there can be so many cans the recycle folks can't keep up with it. Sad state of affairs.