Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 96 - Trout Season

Good Day For Tying Carp Flies

With an early morning call to Scotty's One Stop, Gloria answers the phone.  I ask her if she happens to know what Blue River looks like after yesterday's rain and she quickly tells me she doesn't.  About that time a couple of fishermen walks in the store and I hear Gloria ask then if they'd been to the river and if so, what does it look like.  In the background I hear the words, "Muddy, muddy, muddy.", and that pretty well told me there would be no fishing for me or Van Stacey today.

A couple of hours later my duties at the mercantile store are complete and I head to the prairie home to tie some flies.  I've been torn here of late as to what patterns to tie.  At this time of year with trout season more than half way over and carp season looming on the horizon, I can't decide whether to tie trout patterns or carp offerings. 

Carp offerings won out today.  It would be a good day to tie Charlie some more patterns.

In addition to the Carpolo Charlie and wormball patterns, I tied some Carp Carrots using cdc and hen hackle, Clousers, and Crazy Charley patterns.  Left to do are Backstabbers, Mysis Shrimp, and Crawdad patterns. 

Mostly though, I want Charlie and myself to have plenty of the Carpolo Charlie flies because they seem to be our ticket to successfully battling the grand and golden ones. 

The Clouser patterns have produced best when casting to carp in deeper water where the carp tend to hang on the far side of the bank.  It's exciting to watch the carp follow the this fly as it falls in the column and oftentimes they will suck the fly while it's on the fall.

The Carp Carrot has been one fly that will produce when nothing else will.  As to why I haven't a clue, I just know it works. 

The Crazy Charley was a crazy producer in the spring last year.  Probably 90% of the carp I brought in, before the weather shut us down, was on the Crazy Charley. 

There are a lot of other patterns still left to tie and soon I'll be in full carp pattern mode.  Gregg from Idaho recently told me about the Mud Bugger patterns and hopefully I'll be tying some of those dandies soon.

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