Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 118 - Trout Season

Conversations With Carp - February Talks

Last month I caught the first carp I'd ever caught during the month of January.  Today was another first.  Never before had I caught a carp in February.  Usually it is mid to late March before we have any chance at these creatures.

It was surprising how active and playful the carp were today.  They were flashing, chasing one another, and breaking the surface.  At times it almost looked like activities when the spawn is on. 

Starting out with a Crazy Charlie the carp were showing no interest at all.  But, a spunky little spotted bass sure would.

Since the carp seemed uninterested in the Crazy Charlie I tied a Clouser on, but the golden ones were snubbing their snouts at this pattern also.

Then came the olive and orange Carpolo Charlie, but no results.  A crawdad pattern followed the Carpolo, but again nothing in the fashion of fancy came from the carp. 

Then the Carpolo Charlie black and olive with slightly longer legs went to sea and as a minute and ever-so-slow strip was being employed I felt a heavy heave.  I reacted with a double side sweep hook-set and the battle was on.

Today's carp was a nice one for this little creek - about twenty-four inches long.  However, the battle lasted longer than it should so I stayed in contact with the fish in the water to make sure there was a complete revival. 

It felt good to see this grand and golden one swim away quickly.  


Gregg said...

Perfect! (Please take the H20 temp if just to humor me when you fish, it's always interesting, and your blog as journal would help you compare activity, lack of, etc.)


Barry said...

Wish I had a dollar for every thermometer I've lost in a river or creek somewhere. Need to get another one.