Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 98 - Trout Season

Slowing Down A Bit

Sometimes... it's good to slow down just a tad bit.  This trout season has been one of the busiest for yours truly and there are still a good number of things on the horizon that are demanding attention. 

This coming week there are two scheduled outings on Blue River not to mention scouting for carp here on the local creek to see what those rascals are up to. 

Then, next week there is a special outing with several of us troutsketeers entertaining a couple of guys that help make our fly fishing for trout lives possible at Blue River. 

Just beyond that is the President's Day Trout Derby - a two day event at Blue River where friends come together in the pursuit of competition. 

And then, there is the One Fly event at Blue River and this event is shaping up better than any of us could have expected.  It now looks like we will have close to two dozen participants and everything is just simply coming together quite nicely. 

Outside of fly fishing there is another outdoor event coming this spring and it will demand a lot of attention from this fellow who loves all things outdoors.  The Arbuckle Simpson Nature Festival will be held April 27th and 28th and one of the venues is a Dutch oven gathering and cook-off.  It seems I'm pretty much assigned to get everything going smoothly on this event, which will be held at the 1880's recreation Sipokni West Old West Town near Pennington Creek in Johnston County. 

So, there is a lot going on and therefore some down time is much in need. 

Think a week or ten day vacation is in order. 

See you a little later on.


Dan Ham said...

Didn't realize you could be so ruthless and cruel..
To deny us the pleasure of your musings for the next few days, when as I travel in search of the almighty dollar and the one small pleasure I get at the end of each day is to catch up on the blue river through your blog.
Pray I survive.

Dan Ham

Barry said...

Dan my friend... you will survive and I assure you the river and trout will be there doing just fine and dandy.

The body and mind does need a little rest. Will catch up with you soon.

Good fishing to you sir.