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Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Fisher For President

I use to catch trout here quite regularly but haven't battled one in this particular spot for six years now. You see, for the last six years this particular part of Blue River has been void of water. Void of water due to increasing demand by humankind resulting in more withdrawal from the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, along with a prolonged drought.

Our waters are truly diminishing. And, they are most likely diminishing quicker than we realize or want to acknowledge. The reason I am mentioning water in this post is because this is a Presidential election year.

For the most part I have a genuine distaste for politics. However, I do love the politics during a Presidential election. For me it's the best programming on the boob tube. Presidential politics is better than the greatest soap opera of all time and prove to be one grand circus act. But, with having said that, I honestly do pay close attention to what the candidates have to say.

In this Presidential election there are only three possible people that would be king...or queen as it is - Obama, Clinton, and McCain. So far in listening to all three they pretty much sound "samey". In other words they are telling us, the constituents, basically the same thing. All three seem to have a platform of the economy, national health care, national defense (or the war in Iraq), and energy independence. How disappointing! With all of those things I could include the word "stupid". It's the economy...stupid! It's national health care...stupid! It's national defense...stupid! It's energy independence (and I damn tired of paying through the nose for gasoline)...stupid!

So far I have yet to hear one of these candidates barely or perhaps not at all address the environment, natural resources, and then there is the subject of water.

I really don't get it - the fact that water, it's future use and management is so ignored, and hardly ever mentioned in the debates of these candidates in their seeking of such a prestiged and highly held office. I mean my goodness, don't they realize what an important role water plays in shaping of our economy? Health care? What the hell are we going to need national health care for if we all end up dying of thirst? National defense? I would think any country without water would certainly have the weakest national defense. Energy independence? We won't need it! Energy independence may very well fill our gas tanks but the last time I checked you can't drink, shower, or fish in gasoline!

I want to vote for someone for President this year so I decided to check out all three candidates in hopes of finding the slightest glimmer that one of them likes water or something associated with water. So I decided to go to Facebook and see what they listed as their interests.

On Facebook I checked Obama first. Now Obama lists his interests as basketball, writing, and loafing with his kids. Certainly nothing wrong with any of those things but I would hope to think a guy who has set fires in countless hearts across the nation...would be a little-bit more interesting. And...his interests didn't mention water so I take it he doesn't like to fish.

Now Hillary, in listing her interests on Facebook, includes going to movies, reading, and crosswords. Again, nothing at all wrong with those interests but no mention of water and she probably doesn't even know what a fish looks like.

So, that brought me to McCain and his profile on Facebook. Now, we all know that McCain has been labeled a "Maverick" and he seems to be a "Man's man". Under his interests he starts off with sports, hiking, fishing, and then boxing...wait a minute! What was that? Did McCain say fishing! He did, he did! John McCain, under his interests, listed fishing!

Glory be, shut my mouth, slap my grandma...we have a Presidential contender that likes to fish and I figure anyone that likes to fish has to like water or at least have a little concern for it.

I really wish McCain would have expounded on his interest in fishing. Hopefully he is not one of those "Buster wants to fish" type of know the kind that shows up with a coffee can full of worms with ole Rawhide in tow. The best case scenario would be that John McCain likes to fly-fish. My gosh...wouldn't it be a wonderful world then?

I going to vote for the next President and maybe it is for lack of a better reason but I'm voting for someone who likes to fish.

After John McCain is sworn into office I guess Obama can go back to playing basketball, writing, and loafing with his kids and Hillary can catch a movie, read a little, and do some crosswords.

And then...maybe President McCain will decide he wants to fish and show up at our little Blue River to angle.

Now won't that be a most welcomed and sweet kick in the ass?

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