Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A New Trout Season - A New Agenda

The first eleven days of trout season at Blue River has been a fun and enjoyable time for me.  Trout season actually started a few days early with a stocking taking place on October 27th.  Water temperatures were in the upper 60's, but the trout seemed to be fairing well.

When the first Saturday of official trout season rolled around it was time for the annual get-together of the Blue River Fly Fishers to take place.  Approximately 30 people were in attendance and the Dutch oven and cast iron recipes were wonderful.  And, Scott Dittner presented the group with our own flag... something we have been wanting for a good long while.

There is a new initiative on Blue River that is in effect now and will remain in effect.  Blue River has been designated as a Pack It In - Pack It Out area.  Simply stated that means that all of us are responsible for the trash we generate while visiting or camping at Blue.  The trash barrels have been removed from the camping area, but the dumpsters in the main parking area remain.  If you arrive and are surprised by this news there is an ample supply of free trash bags at Scottys Blue River One Stop.  Trash bags will be donated this trout season, but after that everyone should be well enough informed and bring their own bags.  All of us who purchase a fishing or hunting license or wildlife conservation passport are vested partners in the Blue River Public Hunting and Fishing Area.  As such, it seems to make sense that we would take care of our investment and the way we do that is to make sure the land and the water is clean.  So please, lets make Blue River the cleanest river in Oklahoma.

Pick It Up and Pack It Out please. 
In the first week of trout season over 9000 trout were stocked in the river.  The fishing has been excellent.  The trout were stacking up as they usually do, but with time they will spread out.  They seemed to be willing to taste just about anything and everything thrown at them.  For this fly fisherman it was Pink Frenchies, Alimony flies, Barrs Emergers, Cracklebacks, Partridge and Orange, twin Zebra and Red Midge Larva patterns.

The second week of trout season was a special time at the river when the North Texas chapter of Project Healing Waters brought participating Veterans to Blue River for a fly fishing outing that would last three days.  I enlisted the help of some great anglers including, Kody Young, Scott Dittner, Chris Adams, and Ralph James.  Several of the vets had never fly fished before, but all of them got into the trout.  It was extremely rewarding being able to be a part of this great effort.

The Blue River Trout Derby is taking place this weekend.  We should know all the winners sometime this afternoon.

Good fishing to everyone!