Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Carp - In The Chocolate Brown

Dear Carp,

It has been two weeks my friends since I've been able to come to you.  As you already know, my kind has been slammed by violent weather - the kind that takes life.  Our long and consistent prayers for rain has paid off and we have been rewarding handsomely. 

The downside to the wonderful bounty of rain we've received is that it does keep the angler from having much chance, if any, of communicating with your sort. 

Yesterday I could bear no more and came to you home in hopes of seeing one of you at least.  Visibility was nil to none however, but I remembered a tactic that Gregg in Idaho uses - he fishes the bubbles. 
Fairly close to the fringe of your home I saw bubbles and watched patiently as the bubbles were moving along and this told me that one of your kind was making tracks. 
The Aftermath that I so favor now went out in front of the bubbles where I let it set for just a moment.  Upon lifting my rod tip I felt a presence and then the water exploded.  Fishing the bubbles worked on this occasion and a fine young member of your clan came in for the branding.
Although it felt wonderful being with you today, I figure it will be another week or ten days before your home clears enough for me to return. 
Enjoy the bounty of water coming into your home - more may come, more may not come.  You do indeed live day by day. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher