Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Carp - Arrival Of Autumn

Dear Carp,

Sunday announced the arrival of the autumn season and it was with great gladness I found myself standing at the fringe of your watery home for the third Sunday in a row. 

Although I knew my time would be a mere whit of an outing, still there was an ease and gentleness with the cool air that autumn brought this morning.  This mornings temperature was 59 degrees and that is a wonderful reprieve to the muggy and sticky high 70's we've been encountering in the hours before dawn. 

I was surprised to find so many of you in suspended fashion so early in the day.  My hope was to find one of you grazing as I often do, but as hard as I searched no grazers were found.

On this Sunday morning the gift I would bring to you was one cactus chenille Creek Critter.  I put the gift in the drink and watched for the telegraph signal in the line and there it was. 

The citizen that claimed the gift offered wasn't a large member of your community, but he thought he was refusing to yield time after time. 
He took me through a really compromised area of this sea current and before our encounter was over we were both battle worn wearing part of the creek on ourselves.
Shortly after saying so-long to this fine lad, I received a dispatch informing me to return to the workplace and therefore I parted company with the wonderful lot of you.
My friends, Charlie will be returning soon from Mexico and he has already shared with me his intentions of coming to you.  It should be a grand reunion. 
Soon I will traveling to North Carolina to visit other fellows that are similar to your kind.  When I return I will come to you with grand stories... hopefully.
Take care grand ones.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear Carp - The Color Of Fall Carp

Dear Carp,

In coming to you today, the second week in a row, I feel like a rich man.  As I stood at the fringe of your home the cool morning air was refreshing and mindful of the approaching autumn season.  I wonder if you sense the same?

Having lost all my Aftermath gifts, I tied a new one before leaving the place that I live.  With the Aftermath tied on I show it to the first of your kind I encounter.  He is a long fellow and wide in the shoulders - a beastly sort and he likes what he sees.  My hook-set is firm and employed with great conviction.  This beastly fellow wastes no time however in showing me his determination and runs me to the edge of my backing on a downstream path.  Finally I get him turned, but he is not done showing me how the cow eats cabbage.

As he turns to come upstream I realize how clever this beastly one is.  He goes to the far bank and entangles himself in the thick weave of the root system along the eroded bank.  I see him floating on the surface unable to go forward, back, or to either side.  I decide to call it and break him free and as I attempt to do so, I somehow pull him out of the weave.  Our battle continues, but not for long.  My line suddenly ricochets out of the pool and lands near my feet.  Gathering the line I inspect the end of my tippet and sure enough there was the tell-tale sign of a bad or giving tie - a curly-q at the end of the tippet. 

With no more Aftermath gifts I tie on one of Charlie's Creek Critters.  Looking upstream I see a juvenile and cast the Critter about twenty-five feet.  He gobbles it.  

Bringing the young chap in for the branding by my hand I notice the colors your kind are taking on.  In years past I always enjoy the orange hues in your tails and fins that come about this time of year.  Perhaps it's a thing of nature - I'm not sure, but whatever it is seems like a great artist is using you as a canvas. 

My friends, I have much to do in preparation for my bucket list trip to North Carolina.  I do hope to return to you soon and certainly would like to see you more often.
Until our next meeting, live, love, and prosper. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Carp - Reminiscing

Dear Carp,

On my most recent visit with your kind I found myself reminiscing about a time that Charlie and I came to your home together.  It was three years ago to the day when not only Charlie and I came, but two young chaps with the television show Outdoor Oklahoma also came.

Outdoor Oklahoma wanted to do an outdoor show about fly fishing for carp and of course we were excited about helping.  Yes, we captured several of your lot and all of it was captured on film.  It was a day of Lights, Camera, Carp.

Since that filming the show has aired numerous times and most seemed quite pleased with the production.  One exception was the local game ranger.  He reported that upon the initial airing of this film his phone began to ring and didn't stop.  The outdoor public was highly interested in fly fishing for carp and on one hand that is a good thing.  On the other hand though, it caused Charlie and me some concern.  Of course we will always be willing to introduce new people to this sport, but we also know how some species have become pressured to the point it almost becomes exploitation and we do not want that to happen to you.

Now on my most recent trip to visit your lot I brought the gift that has seemed to be your favorite - the Aftermath.  The first three citizens I would connect with all broke off our talks rather abruptly, which seemed highly unusual and gave me cause to inspect the line I use to connect with you.  That inspection revealed a severe roughness in the line and that roughness was dispensed of.  A new Aftermath went on and the next citizen would come in for the branding.

He was a pretty lad. 

Still, I am not getting to spend near the time I wish with your community, but things may change someday.  Until then, I wish you well.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher