Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear Carp - The Color Of Fall Carp

Dear Carp,

In coming to you today, the second week in a row, I feel like a rich man.  As I stood at the fringe of your home the cool morning air was refreshing and mindful of the approaching autumn season.  I wonder if you sense the same?

Having lost all my Aftermath gifts, I tied a new one before leaving the place that I live.  With the Aftermath tied on I show it to the first of your kind I encounter.  He is a long fellow and wide in the shoulders - a beastly sort and he likes what he sees.  My hook-set is firm and employed with great conviction.  This beastly fellow wastes no time however in showing me his determination and runs me to the edge of my backing on a downstream path.  Finally I get him turned, but he is not done showing me how the cow eats cabbage.

As he turns to come upstream I realize how clever this beastly one is.  He goes to the far bank and entangles himself in the thick weave of the root system along the eroded bank.  I see him floating on the surface unable to go forward, back, or to either side.  I decide to call it and break him free and as I attempt to do so, I somehow pull him out of the weave.  Our battle continues, but not for long.  My line suddenly ricochets out of the pool and lands near my feet.  Gathering the line I inspect the end of my tippet and sure enough there was the tell-tale sign of a bad or giving tie - a curly-q at the end of the tippet. 

With no more Aftermath gifts I tie on one of Charlie's Creek Critters.  Looking upstream I see a juvenile and cast the Critter about twenty-five feet.  He gobbles it.  

Bringing the young chap in for the branding by my hand I notice the colors your kind are taking on.  In years past I always enjoy the orange hues in your tails and fins that come about this time of year.  Perhaps it's a thing of nature - I'm not sure, but whatever it is seems like a great artist is using you as a canvas. 

My friends, I have much to do in preparation for my bucket list trip to North Carolina.  I do hope to return to you soon and certainly would like to see you more often.
Until our next meeting, live, love, and prosper. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 

1 comment:

Gregg said...

Nice encounter Barry, it seems the creek is in decent shape despite recent warm temps. I see in your area? I see those orange tinted fins here in ponds with, I think, a diet rich in shrimp, sowbugs, crawfish and such.