Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Hungry Ocean

The time has now come to begin writing another chapter of history upon the Blue River.  Through school and college one of my favorite subjects was history.  I love the recorded word and such word gives us valuable accountings.  History teaches.  History illustrates.  History inspires.  We of the present ask questions of the past.

Over the last fifteen or twenty years, the Blue River has become a cradle of southern plains fly fishing.  It has become a continuing narrative of what it is to be a member of the fur and feather casting club.  In other words, and more simply stated, what it's like to be a fluff chucker.

This season I hope to not approach the trout with my usual presumptuous attitude... thinking I know all as to what these creatures want.  This season I hope to approach the trout with the clarity of a blind man.  I seek a deeper understanding of fish. 

Blue River is a hungry ocean and the native species take in her pleasures year round.  Come November, more mouths have the need to eat and Blue becomes a ravenous ocean.  Such a hungry ocean presents wonderful opportunities to teach others about species, their habits and habitat, and how to angle for these often elusive creatures. 

Each season a new chapter is begun and at some time the chapter is closed.  It is now time to begin anew and pen another chapter of the Blue River experience. 

The annual get-together of the Blue River Fly Fishers is November 7th at Blue River.  It is a festivity of food, fun, fishing, and fellowship.  Everyone is invited.  If you cook please come prepared to do so.  Many that attend cook in their Dutch ovens, but all offerings are appreciated.  Everyone should bring their own choice of drink, a chair to set in and if anyone has an extra table that will be greatly appreciated.  We will most likely meet in the main parking area.  Look for Ralph Fullenwiders Ruff Diamond motor coach and Steve Wolf and his camper trailer.  Lunch will be at noon.