Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To Have A Heart

Usually the question is asked first and then the answer comes, but in this dispatch I'm going to give you the answer first, then the question.  The answer is yes.  The question is this: If you could open your heart to give a heart would you?" 

I know the answer is yes because I have been so very fortunate to be a part of a wonderful outdoor community that have a deep love for a special little river along with a community that favor the art of casting the fur and feather.  The community at Blue River is some of the finest people I've ever known.

I'm writing this today asking all who happen to read this post for a hand up in helping as fine a gentleman that any of us would ever hope to meet.

Many of you already know Ralph Fullenwider and there are many others that have certainly seen him and his wife Charlotte on Blue River countless times.  Ralph and Charlotte are owners of the Blue Bird motor coach named the Ruff Diamond.  It's difficult to miss that rig.  Ralph has become a friend to many over the years, enjoys tying his own flies, fly fishing for the trout and other species, and is an avid RVer.

Ralph has had a long history of heart disease and a couple of years ago things turned for the worse.  He now has a heart pump the Heart Mate 3.  This heart pump basically is the left side of his heart.  Without it he would not survive.  However the heart pump was never meant to be a permanent fix and Ralph learned a heart transplant was his only option.  The guidelines for a transplant recently changed and now Ralph is close to going on the short list for the transplant.  However, there is one obstacle.

The cost of the first year's anti-rejection medication is not covered and it is close to $5,000.00.  Those funds are not in place and Ralph has shared with a couple of us if the call comes and the money is not available for the medicine he will have to pass on the transplant.  We don't want that to happen.

Scott Dittner with the help of Dan Ham has established a Gofundme account for Ralph and it is the goal to raise the full amount to pay the cost of the anti-rejection medicines. 

I'm asking for everyone's support financially, spirituality, and most importantly getting involved and asking your friends to support this cause.  It is not so much the amount of your support as it is the gesture itself. 

Here is the link to Ralph Fullenwiders GoFundMe account.

Thank you everyone.