Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, August 16, 2010

Carp Crusader Recommended Gear

Here is this crusader's official recommended gear list when flying for the carp.

Rod - It's TFO without a doubt. The Rock Creek carp took my nine foot six weight past the reasonable breaking point time after time and the TFO is still in good shape. A darn good rod for a reasonable price.

Reel: Okuma - The reel I started out with was seven or eight years old and had already been subjected to my punishment before the carp crusades. However, it held to the end of the crusades having it's guts absolutely ripped out. Again, good reel for the price.

Line - Scientific Angler GPX Mastery Series. Weight forwarded six weight floating. You can't spend too much on good fly line.

Leader - Robin's customer leaders or Scientific Angler 2X or 3X.

Tippet - It's Scientific Angler again. This is simply a good product.

Flies - This one is easy. The carp flies you tie yourself are the best ones.

Sunglasses - The best money you can spend in fly fishing for carp will be on quality polarized sunglasses. Recommended is Smith Optics.

Sunblock - None!!!! Kinda like the character Old Rawhide says in "The River Runs Through It." "I ain't burned. The sun don't bother me." Besides, you get sunblock on your hands and you're gonna get it on the fly and the carp will sense it.

Insect Repellent - Quit being a wussy! You're gonna get that stuff on your hands also, and then on your fly, and the carp will laugh at your offerings.

Official motto of the Carp Crusades: "This ain't pretty fishing." Motto comes courtesy of Charlie Wright.

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