Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Foraging

My first thought today, after leaving work, was to take care of some of the stuff on the bunkhouse to-do list, which seems to be growing exponentially.  But... my second thought was that since the list has, and continues, to grow... it shouldn't hurt to wait one more day, and I could make a trip to the creek.

The time spent on the creek today was almost exactly an hour.  The fishing was most rewarding... one of those awesome experiences that come quite rarely.  I used one pattern the entire hour I was on the water.  The burnt orange and black Backstabber was the warrior that sought the echelons of fish today and he performed brilliantly.

In the short hour I was there, I come to meet three more carp - one Common and two engaging Mirror carp. The Backstabber was not selective today, also finding a smallmouth and a young Drum.  There was a mild cold front that came through today and I wondered how, or if, this would have an effect on the fishing.  From the observations made, here of late, the bass species seem to be foraging for the cold weather season that waits to arrive.

The leaves are really starting to let go now and many of the trees are starting to flame in colors that range from burnt orange to scarlet and dull brown to golden.  Nature is quite pretty in her harvest bouquet of colors.

Here are today's warriors.

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