Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Workshop For The Soul

It was the most gorgeous afternoon on the river Blue today.  The weather was brisk, to say the least, and rather cold at times, but just enough to be both outer and inner refreshing.

As time passes, I believe I am coming closer to what fly fishing is for me.  Quite simply... fly fishing is a workshop for the soul.  It is the place that is sought for peace and inner reflection.  While in the workshop, there is a oneness or singularity.  What happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow does not matter.  What matters is the current, the moment.  I guess some would call it "living in the moment", but perhaps it's a little more than that.  Ralph Waldo Emerson described it and wrote, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."  Yeah... that's it.

Here on the river Blue, something dynamic happened million of years ago.  It could have been some great upheaval; the shifting of a fault line, or perhaps the work of the snowball earth theory - I don't know, but whatever took place was grand.  It had to me grand in order to carve such a wonderful sculpture of time.

I think Thoreau got it right... it's not the fish we are after.

The rain of this past Friday was unfortunately not enough to change the complexion or life-flow of the river.  Blue is still quite low - as low as I've seen in recent memory, and the flow is affecting presentations.  She's clear as a bell, and in many places the bottom of the river can be seen. 

A light, short stick was employed today.  The TFO three hasn't seen action in quite sometime.  This little rod can cast with deadly accuracy, but being on the bench for so long, line curl was a big problem today.  In the first thirty minutes one leader was completely dismantled thanks to a high tree limb,  The second leader chosen to go into action had it's own problems.  Evidently something went awry in the building process of this particular leader and it was not worthy.  Finally a place was taken on the bank and a leader was constructed by hand. 

The fishing was fantastic, but the catching was slow.  Being convinced midges would be the ticket, one existed  as a trailer at all times.  A good mile of river was explored and along this mile not a single rising fish was witnessed.  Such made me wonder if somewhere there is a Chinese proverb that says, "Do not fish rising fish, when no fish are rising." 

An hour and half later no fish had come to hand.  However, there was no desperation or panic apparent, for I am in the workshop and that in itself is enough.

With the midges failing, the trailer is stripped off and the bugger goes by himself.  A dark emerald pocket of water is chosen.  This pocket was no more than three feet wide and six feet in length, but it is here the bows wait in formation.  The bugger captures bows almost methodically and saves the day... as far as fishing.  The overall day was made as soon as the first footprint was planted in the south wilderness today. 
Two hours had been spent on the river Blue and it was time to go.  I picked up the pace on the way back to the prairie schooner, searching for that labored breath.  As the gear was stowed in the schooner and I took my place at the helm, the sought-for deep breath came... and it was exhilarating. 

It seems that these days the only time I can catch my breath is when I'm with the river. 

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Harley said...

Amen brother, we are on the same boat!