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Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Conversations With Carp - And Conversations About Water

I've always loved to fish early.  It comes from my youthful days fishing with my grandfather.  In the spring and summers of my youth, it was normal for grandfather to have me at the fishing hole as the sun was coming up. 

As far as fly fishing for carp I can't say that fishing early, as the sun is just coming up, is all that productive.  In fly fishing for carp, good light is often a necessity.  But still, I like fishing early.  Anymore, chances of being at the water by daybreak are few.

However, this morning I informed the headmaster at the mercantile store that the day would be burned. Stepping out the door at my prairie home there was the scent of rain in the air.  A morning shower had just passed and it just enough to freshen the air and moisten the grasses. I headed straight for the creek arriving before sunrise.  Shortly after seven this morning the first fish of the day was on the reel. 

Using Charlie's Biter Critter, a football shaped carp had found the fly as it landed on the bottom of the creek and the suck was detectable in the line.  A good hook set came my way and the morning talks begin. 

Several times this fish was hauled to the fringes of the creek only to have the carp somersault and make another run.  This carp had good fight and that is something I always admire. 

The fight with carp seemed to roust other species from their slumber and soon the Biter Critter would find catfish, bass, and of course those frisky little devils the perch.

As I was standing on the creek bank this morning, watching the water slowly flow by, another conversation came to my mind.

There is currently a lot of talk about Oklahoma's future water needs and management.  For the last couple of years the state has been working on a statewide water plan that will address Oklahoma's water needs and management for the next fifty years. 

In this process, two tribal governments - the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations have asked for a seat at the table in the planning of Oklahoma's future water.  Their requests for such a place at the table were not answered and feeling excluded and concerned, the nations had little recourse except to file suit. 

In response to the nation's suit, the state of Oklahoma has threatened stream adjudication - a lengthy, nasty, and terribly costly process. 

The tribal governments have now launched an educational and informational campaign through print media and television. Their presentations are top notched, well thought out, and based on science.  The message the nation's have sent are both polite and intelligent. 

In looking at both viewpoints, from the state and the tribal governments, the tribal governments arguments are making the most sense.  And, they continue to be patient and polite in asking for a say, for unity, and careful and thoughtful planning that will sustain springs, creeks, rivers, and water basins.

I hope the state of Oklahoma will reconsider and invite the tribal nations to the discussion table regarding water.  Oklahoma's future water needs must be addressed now and cannot wait ten years or more for the adjudication process to be complete. 


Gregg said...


I agree with your take on negotiations with the tribes. Considering the historical past of many Oklahoma Tribes, that alone should allow them a say. Sounds like a great trip. Could't find a post of Charlie's fly so you may want to provide an ingrediant list if not a problem. Actually, if you ever find the time, your favorite carp flies ought to be a permanent part of your list. Just a thought. Went to new water with my 2 grown fly fishing boys yesterday. Almost a wild goose chase but when we found fish we really found fish. That boy (26) caught the only carp, one on a Trouser Worm, but one in a VERY challenging situation on a #8 White Worm Cluster of yours I tied. He loves those flies even before he tied them on. Another multi species trip.

Best, Gregg

Barry said...

I think it's great you get to fish with your boys. Glad that white wormball is working out. I've yet to fish it this year, but need to.