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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Carp Season Slowly Coming To An End

Each year as college football season kicks off, I realize that carp by fly season is coming to an end.  As teams like Bama, the Sooners, the Ducks and Spartans take to the gridiron, I also realize that trout season is just up ahead.  There is sixty days left until opening day of trout season on Blue River here on the prairie ocean.

As far as trout go I find myself in total disarray currently.  That's easy to understand though.  The passion that those of us own for carp by fly causes trout to be the furthest thing from our minds.  However, come mid-October the carp here will begin to winter-up.  It's almost like they suddenly disappear only to return the following March or April.  So come fall, my choice is to return to the pretty colored fish of Blue River.

I can't complain.  It's been an excellent carp by fly season for me.  Although I haven't kept an exact count I know that it's been a 100 carp season for me and that leaves me a very lucky man.  This season, like most, I certainly made my share of mistakes when it comes to carp, but without slight flaw there would be no art.

Sure, there will be chances between now and October to pursue the carp, if things get better that is.  Once again, our little carp creek is beginning to struggle.   On top of that, summer seems to have come back with a vengeance.  Two weeks ago there were signs of an early fall season, but today it is 102.  Then there is the West Nile virus outbreak.  The number of cases and related deaths continue to grow in this part of the country.  With this being Labor Day weekend and people trying to squeeze that last bit of summer fun in, I figure we'll be hearing of more illness and deaths from West Nile.  The skeeters on our carp creek are quite thick.

If I were a younger man I wouldn't be quite so concerned with getting skeeter bit, but the truth is I'm in that age range that the virus can do severe damage.  As I've grown older I am more reluctant to roll the dice these days, and would like to be around a little longer to fly fish.

So, for now I will hope for the rain to come and replenish the creek and cooler weather that might send the skeeters packing. 

With the downtime from carp by fly, an exercise routine will be employed in an attempt to build the stamina in the old legs for those long hikes into the wilderness during trout season. 

Think I'll call the routine Fishercise. 

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Gregg said...

I know you love those stocked trout but I wish you had a year round carp fishery. I tend to stick out the carp, but maybe if my shoulders allow I'll crawl on low water rocks after wild trout and whitefish. I actually do have a tough spot I pine for.