Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Short Afternoon Of Sailing The Prairie Ocean

I took the carp leader off my favorite rod yesterday and replaced it with a lighter leader more suited for the Rainbow trout that will be in season soon. 

A little over three weeks ago the high temperature here was 100 degrees.  Less than ten days ago the high temperature was in the mid-forties.  Today, the temperature was 77 degrees.  Confusing to the angler, confusing to the fish. 

This afternoon in a span of three hours I fished two different currents on this prairie ocean, sailing forty miles to fish both,  and had a multi-species day.  Fish caught today included the spotted bass, small mouth bass, bream, drum, and then... just one more carp.  Somehow, I just couldn't stay away from the carp even though that season is best over. 

The baby bream and baby smallmouth came from Pennington Creek - a pristine creek that is the little sister of Blue River in south central Oklahoma.  Pennington is quite low right now and clear as gin.  Hopefully, the October rain will soon arrive.
The drum and carp came from Rock Creek and this creek is also, once again, lowering. 
My afternoon was a flurry of sailing and fly fishing.  Quite enjoyable I must say.     

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Gregg said...

Seems to me that activity is still worth pursuing in the warm water venue. Well, that's my preference anyway, and that variety of species would keep me rooted until I had to say uncle. Good job!