Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Carp - March 6th, 2013

Dear Carp,

Finally my friends, finally.  I could not wait to get home to write you this letter.  It's good news I think. 

One the front page of the local newspaper this morning was an article that speaks directly to the desecration of your home.  I'm talking about the trash of course.

It seems others have also taken notice and one lady in particular has raised her voice in public forum loud enough to capture attention.  I contacted her right away, jumped on the opportunity... like a duck on a June bug. 

She returned my contact and asked if I would willing to make a presentation regarding the trash problem on your home place Rock Creek.  Of course I said yes and I want you to know I will represent you well, and passionately speak for cleaner woods and water. 

I'll let you know how it goes. 

On another subject I have something else to share with you. 

This past Saturday I was at the river Blue taking part in One Fly 2013.  Yes... I know, I was spending time with the pretty fish. Without offending you more, I must say it was a most enjoyable experience and it was for a very good cause. 

While I was there, a man named Walker Hairston presented me with a most pleasing gift.  Walker handed me a notebook adorned with a painting by James Prosek.  I'm sending you a postcard of the notebook.

I know, I know... that's a painting of a pretty fish, and I agree with you completely that James should consider doing a notebook with a painting of your kind.  Let's just see how that goes.  Okay?
Anyhow, what I really want to share with you is that my first thought was to make Walker's gift a part of my archive of treasured fly fishing gifts.  But, then I thought that an empty notebook would seem somewhat lacking, naked, a waste.  Therefore, I have decided to make this notebook a miniature journal of our visits with one another this season. 
On Monday, when I came a'calling, I made my first journal entry.  Of course I am hopeful there will be many more recordings and someday my children or their children will discover this journal and explore the words within. 
The rain is coming this weekend.  Let us all hope it comes in an abundant fashion.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 

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Gregg said...

Nice anything by Prosek! Good entry Barry, mine are way too lengthy, conciseness is not a virtue with me. Good luck on the rain.