Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Carp - A New Gift For You

Dear Carp,

Oh sweet beasts... how wonderful it was to be able to come visit with you this morning.  No, I did not have a princely sum of time to visit, yet a little time is better than no time at all.

Before coming to the sea current you sail, I was sitting at my tying table churning out seven or eight worm patterns for Van.  Also, I tied him a couple of Curiosity gifts so he can show you them also.  While at the table I was thinking about the hard time you are having seeing my current bag of presents and decided to create you a new gift that will be vivid, bright, and glow - glow like, as they tell me, things will in case of a nuclear catastrophe like those crazy-ass North Korean leaders are trying to egg on.  You're probably wondering, like I am, what the North Korean carp think of their silly-ass chairman.  Not much I bet.

Your home is becoming more and more challenged each day.  Challenging for you to live and challenging for the fly angler to hold talks with you.  The algae is getting impossible. 

On this sea lane that you use to celebrate life, there are things that are ugly such as the large algae islands that now exist and there are things that are quite pretty.  I think this shows us the stark differences we can find when we go to the woods, the wild, or sail the currents.
As I sailed to you in my prairie schooner I made the decision to come to you at the pasture that has proven the most difficult for the angler to have a conversation with one of you - Big Well Springs.  At the pasture, the angler is totally exposed and elevated.  For us, it is almost like being naked in front of the whole world with that world being your world and the only thing important at the time.  So many times at this pasture you have sensed my presence before I even get close to having any hope of a conversation, but this morning was different.
This morning the entire pasture was a folly of mudding activity.  I reached down inside myself and found the patience to simply wait and study.  It wasn't long until I seen a mud cloud, bubbles, and a tail.  My new vivid and glowing gift, that I call the Aftermath, sailed out by my hand and landed at the head of the bubbles.  My eyes were fixed on the tail and when I saw excitement in the tail... I lifted the rod tip... and a most delightful conversation had begun. 
What a sturdy fellow this was.  He certainly had a set of shoulders on him and made attempt after attempt to free himself from the chat we were having. But, my tether... one I just put on last night was just as sturdy, and this citizen came in for the branding by the touch of my hand.
As I told you earlier I tied this gift so it would glow like something glows after an unthinkable nuclear catastrophe and with these things there are always an aftermath and thence the name for this fly.  The body was fluro chartreuse and I lined both the belly and back with peacock herl.  However, I first tied in a muted brown worm on the tail in for contrast, and lastly I employed a soft hackle with fine partridge.  I am most proud one of your citizens liked the Aftermath on it's maiden voyage.
Although my time with you today was short everything seemed to work out because after the championship battle with this morning's citizen, the rest of your community blew up and the pasture became one big mud cloud.
Word does seem to travel fast amongst your kind. 
Until our next chat my friends, live and enjoy life.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher 

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Gregg said...

Nice fly, great story, wonderful fish. Wish you had 40 days of rain.