Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dear Carp - Shutdown By Gridlock

Dear Carp,

In the world I live there are times that my kind seems to loose sight of any good sense we once owned.  This past week is a perfect illustration of rationale thinking going by the wayside as the gridlock in that place known as Washington brought parts of our government to a halt.

Now you know why me, or Van, or Charlie have not been to see you.  We have been locked out and kept away from the places you live due to the closure of the national recreation area.  I feel quite sorry for Charlie because he just returned from Mexico with a great enthusiasm believing he would be able to come to you. 

How long this lock out will last is anyone's guess at this point.  Hopefully, some sanity will return to those that make decisions for my kind, whether we want them to or not. 
Van did get some time with your lot before the shutdown occurred.  He met a trio of your community members and enticed them all with the Aftermath.  I am sending you a postcard that Van would like you to have.
My friends, we hope to see you soon and until we do take care and live happily.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher

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