Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, November 4, 2013

Celebrating Another Season Of Blue River Bows

The Beginning

On Wednesday of last week I received a text from Ralph Fullenwider.  It was a simple dispatch that said, "The trout are in the river and they are nice."  Ordinarily we expect the trout to go in the afternoon before the official start date of trout fishing at Blue, but this year they went in a two days before November 1st. 
The annual get-together of the Blue River Fly Fishers was scheduled for Saturday and that Friday for fishing and that's exactly what would take place.
The Fishing
Scott Dittner and I had agreed months prior to the opening of trout season that we would meet on the river opening day.  Actually, Scott got in the river shortly before I did and just like last year we begin our trout season at the sandbar below the crossing.
The fishing was hot and heavy as it usually is after the initial stocking.  The trout were eating buggers, egg patterns, hare's ears, Tellico's, Bloody Mary's, and a variety of other patterns.
When Ralph Fullenwider walked down to the island, I told Scott I was going over to visit with Ralph.  Ralph and I started fishing together and it was here that I brought the size 20 midge patterns to trail behind the point fly. 
Of the next twelve trout that would come to hand, the midge pattern would capture ten and the bloody Mary would only take two.  Midges are prevalent on the Blue River and it's always a good idea to have a varied selection of these little dynamos.
The fishing would end early for me on Friday because of work.  When I left the river Scott was still in the river and still had a bend in his rod.
The Gathering
Saturday morning came and I arrived early at the Ruff Diamond, which serves as our focal point for each and every event we have that involves food. 
We've been having these gatherings for many years and I do believe this year's event was one of the largest we've ever had.  Lots of new faces and some fantastic people came to the annual get-together for the first time.  And... the food was outstanding! 
I've been a big fan of Dutch oven cooking for many years and on Saturday it was my pleasure to meet a gentleman who loves this art form as much as I.  Steve Wolf got into Dutch oven cooking a short while back and now he is hooked.  It was amazing to me how many tips I picked up by watching Steve and then his food was out of the park good. 
After everyone had lunch, most of us wasn't worth a flip and many started heading back home. 
The Project
This season on Blue River, the Blue River Fly Fishers will be pursuing a project that was suggested by the area manager of the river.  The project has a simple goal and that is to not only prevent more litter on Blue River, but to encourage visitors to carry out more than they carry in.
Six different stations will be erected and inside these stations will be free mesh litter bags.  Visitors to Blue can take one of the bags and as they enjoy their day they can deposit any trash they generate and maybe pick up some of the trash left by others. 
We've already had the signs made that carry the message and these are durable powder coated painted signs that will withstand weathering and fading. 
The theme on these signs is "Blue River - Too Beautiful To Litter". 
I think that says it all.
Scott Dittner and yours truly.  Many thanks to Scott for getting the signs made.


The Dentonista said...

Hey Barry! I like those signs! So they stocked the Blue? I see they are not publishing the schedule? Is that right? Keep us posted. I think you guys have gotten plenty of rain compared to Texas, and it should be a pretty good year, right? Thanks, Shannon

Barry said...

No stocking schedule published this year, but it will be a weekly stocking. River is in pretty good shape. The C&R still remains a little murky... seems to stay that way and we can't figure out why. C&R has been stocked and the reports are saying they are quality fish. You better plan a trip up.

fshng84 said...

Appreciate the detailed info; glad to hear the trout stockings are happening. Now only need to find time to break away for a run across the border to the Blue! Great Blog; great fishing reports!